Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three Lists

The 6 best places to obtain coffee (3 universally found, 3 location-specific)
1. Dunkin' Donuts
2. Panera Bread
3. Wawa
4. Fox Park (Charlottesville)
5. Para Coffee (Charlottesville)
6. Atwater's (Baltimore)

Why the new Harry Potter movie is excellent
1. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape - He recites his lines with. perfect. delivery.
2. Ron Weasley's girlfriend Lavender Brown - Perfectly cast, puppy eyes and all
3. The motif of things blowing up, catching fire, twisting, breaking, blasting to pieces, etc.
4. Harry Potter consuming the Felix Felicis potion - whatever intern on the set of HBP told him to act drunk during that segment should be commended and promoted, as it was fully entertaining
5. The consistent undertone of witty banter throughout the film - Harry finally is overcoming his angst and going for a lighter stance on life

Things I do that are bad/potentially deadly but I do them anyways
1. Use a lot of Equal (Aspartame is a silent killer)
2. Eat Tuna fairly often (Mercury?!?!)
3. Sit in the sun, very frequently, sometimes sans sunscreen
4. Sleep < 8 hours (Actually in reality, << than 8 hours)
5. Bite my nails (Basically, I will get Swine flu)
6. Chew ice chips (Apparently this signifies an iron deficiency)
7. Run outside with headphones on (Surefire way to get nailed by an auto)
8. Drink coffee innumerable number times per day (Always including Equal, so this is horrible squared)
9. Fly in airplanes (Its a pressurized cabin moving hundreds of miles per hour at an about 30,000 ft, tell me what sounds safe about that)
10. Mix liquor and beer throughout the evening (They said these should not be consumed simultaneously, but that is un-fun)

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