Monday, November 1, 2010

October by the numbers.

Since its November, I am breaking out my Christmas playlist. Sorry I'm not sorry. Christmas is my favorite holiday and season, regardless of the subarctic temperatures. This mix is improving Monday one Frank Sinatra song at a time.
Some numeric information regarding October:

2 The number of weeks of the real world complete
15 The number of Laffy Taffys eaten over Halloween weekend
3.5 The number of cups of coffee I have consumed per day (average)
12 The number of times I heard the Alanis Morrissette song "Torn" on the radio last week
7 The number of newly acquired bruises this month (causes unknown)
4 The number of Ravens games watched (of which were won)
The number of weekends spent in Charlottesville
1.5 The number of times I have lost my car in the parking garage
6 The number of times I have listened to the new Taylor Swift CD in its entirety
2 The number of awesome bulldogs I have seen in Arlington
$40.85 The amount of money in my checking account
5 The number of times I have pressed the wrong floor in my apartment building's elevator
3 The number of times that has resulted in an awkward interaction
4 The number of bags of cough drops I have gone through
6 The number of times I have been to the Clarendon Whole Foods
6.5 The average number of miles run per day
3.5 The number of times I have paid a toll in pennies