Friday, July 24, 2009

Three things I swore I'd never own (but now do)

As far as fashion goes, there are always things I claim are a) dumb, b) a waste of money and c) will be out of style within the next 6 months. As a result, I earnestly vow never to purchase these items. Unfortunately, sometimes I fail. After trying on some trendy, yet tantalizing items, it is clear that they a) may not be dumb, b) may in fact be a good use of money, and c) could potentially be a long-lived style change.
1. High-waisted skirt: I happen to be obsessed with all things high-waisted, but skirts and shorts primarily are my favorite. I tend to shy away from high-waisted jeans because they often come with a trouser style leg, which makes one look increasingly like a 70s-esque go-go dancer. Add a pair of platforms, some disco ball earrings, and you're set. However, nearly every skirt I currently own is high waisted. I love the way you can choose how much you want the top to play into the outfit as a whole. You can use a simple, plain colored high waisted skirt with an elaborate top tucked it to emphasize the top, or you can make the skirt the focus with a simple, plain colored tank or t shirt. Either way, high-waisted skirts are universally flattering. They can add volume to the bottom if the skirt is full, or can be extremely slimming with a pencil style. They generally lengthen someone, giving the illusion of longer legs. Either route you choose to take, the high-waisted skirt emphasizes the smallest part of you - your waist, which makes anyone look trimmer and infinitely more polished.
2. 40's style maillot: I was absolutely convinced that there was no reason to bring back the bathing suits of the 40s', more covering and generally more conservative in pattern. I was absolutely wrong. After ordering a navy and white striped maillot from Anthropologie on a whim (I am a sucker for navy and white stripes), I was sure I would either love it or hate it. I did in fact, love it. Attempting to look more mature is something I am usually trying to do, and I realized a few weeks ago that the string bikinis I so frequently bought at age 14 would no longer fly. If one is actually trying to swim in the ocean, a bathing suit that will stay in place is, I would venture to say, crucial. Not only is this suit flattering, but it dispels a common fashion myth that all stripes make one look bigger, particularly in the form of a bathing suit. Stripes can be worn by virtually anyone, but in the form of a small stripe (as opposed to the Blue's Clues look). J.Crew makes great basic bathing suits that resist color fading and come in a plethora of styles for all body types, but I was looking for something a little more fun, and found it in this Rachel Pally suit.
3. The romper: I was absolutely thrown by the concept of attaching one's shirt to one's shorts. This was something I actively wore when I was around 6 or 7. In fact I remember the romper I loved most - It was white with a yellow and pink fish pattern. Right...well here in 2009, the romper made a comeback I wasn't quite comfortable with. Confused at how one actually would wear a romper (day, night?), I generally avoided them like the plague. It wasn't until I came across the loose-fitting black romper by Sine that my mind was forever changed. This particular romper, made out of a lightweight black or navy silky twill, has amazing brass buttons and large side pockets. At first glance, it appears to be a dress. Maybe that's why I liked it - it fit basically as a dress, the bottom "half" sitting lower on the body and allowing a free flowing line from top to bottom. I am also a sucker for pockets, and these pockets are ultra amazing. The waistband itself acts as a belt, accentuating small waists and giving the romper a little more shape than the fabric initially implies. After trying it on, I was sold - Since I am naturally about 6 years old, the romper is very much appropriate.

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