Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"You can't have that, you're a grown up."

Apologies for the posting hiatus! In the midst of signing an apartment lease, trying to find clothes that are work-friendly but not completely lacking in style, and taking some trips here and there, I have been a little more than neglectful. Either way, I'm hoping to post daily now - so thanks for those of you that are still with me! For those of you that know me (Casey I think you can sympathize with me on this one), you know I'm not exactly a kid person. Babies, and even toddlers, are totally my jam. Once you reach the age of 3, all bets are off. So when my neighbor called and asked if I'd Nanny for her 3 kids (Ages 3, 5 and 7) for a while until school got under way, I was more than hesitant. Most of you know I'm naturally clumsy, so throw three children in the mix and you have a serious recipe for disaster. Regardless, I've been hanging out with Danny, James and Callie for a while now, and I will say they're not as scary as I thought. Despite the fact that they throw punches (along with juice, toys, and sand), they're pretty cool kids. Though I still consider myself a kid (I'm writing this wearing red Keds), I've learned a lot about the under-10 crowd:
1. Peanut butter and marshmallow is the only acceptable sandwich.
2. Thomas the Tank Engine is still cool.
3. So are Eloise and Madeline (Thank God).
4. Older siblings are indisputably awesome, no matter how many times they steal your bike.
5. Nickelodeon is NOT cool. Disney Channel is the only television station worth watching because it features the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez.
6. Older siblings are masters of reverse psychology.
7. Despite the aforementioned throwing of virtually everything, it is commonplace for two-year-olds to have a set of golf clubs.
8. If you are a 7-year-old girl, you are a diva.
9. Even without blood loss, a bandage always necessary.
10. I am considered a grown up.

Number 10 really troubles me, but I guess I have to go with it. As of next Wednesday, they will all be back in school and I will be getting ready to head to Atlanta to see Sarah! In other news, I cannot wait to go to the beach this weekend. Here's to hoping whatever hurricane that is allegedly approaching does me a favor and hangs out as far away from the shore as possible.

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