Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm on a boat...

Actually realistically I'll probably try and work that phrase into each day I'm here just because I can. I'm currently in Fort Myers, Florida, on a 14-person houseboat docked in Snook Bight Marina. Though I find it a little disturbing that one of the "most common fish" (as per the marina's brightly colored and annotated poster) is black fin shark, I am thoroughly happy to have successfully made the 15-hour trek from Charlottesville. Don't ask me how precisely this plan came to fruition, but I'm not mad about it, that's for sure. My skin is thanking me epically for this foray to the 75-degree sunny, water-logged coast. After my rapid fire trip to Atlanta on Tuesday and my 2-day drive here, I'm a little travel weary, and this is certainly the place to solve that issue. In light of this, a few observations:
1. Everyone in Florida drives trucks. The bigger, less fuel efficient, and more intense in appearance, the better. I can't imagine living here sans truck- I would be completely uncool.
2. Florida is a long state. Completely underestimated that one when I looked at the map.
3. One can drive 85-90 mph on the interstate and be fairly assured that no traffic violation will be incurred. The speed limit is usually 70, and I ventured a casual 80 to find myself being passed rapidly left and right.
4. It is completely okay here in Fort Myers to wear a neon bikini with a fur vest and hot pink platform flip flops.
5. There are lakes more or less everywhere. It is particularly awesome that houses are just interspersed around lakes with docks and boats and general fun. I am in full support.
6. Publix is the best grocery ever; they have the best selection of food and most delicious (recent discovery) sweet tea.
7. After entry into North Carolina, every single rest stop contains a Waffle House. How all of these Waffle Houses remain in business is a mystery, but having never eaten there, for all I know it could be awesome and worth placing at every exit of 95 south.

On that note, I cannot express how happy I am to be immersed in beaching and sunshine. The marina here is absolutely beautiful and has pretty much everything you'd need for a relaxing week (including coffee a mere 100 feet from our dock). Tomorrow night will be our first venture into the local Fort Myers bar scene and I, for one, cannot wait.

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  1. Publix rocks! I miss it all the time. It's in Atlanta, you know... ;)